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Plain Type Fin Tubes, Crimped Type Fin Tubes, L Base Fin Tubes, G Base Fin Tubes, G - Type Fin Tubes, Integral Type Finned Tubes, Spiral Wound Finned Tubes, Crimped Type Finned Tubes, Wire Wound Finned Tubes are offered by us made from quality materials.

Crimped Type Fin Tubes

This fin type is a non taper fin wrapped under tension around the base tube. The finning process results in a crimp forming at the foot of the fin. Fin is then welded to the base tube at the strip ends.

Maximum operating temperature for this fin type is 250C.

L Base Fin Tubes

The strip material is subjected to controlled deformation under tension giving the optimum contact pressure of the foot of the fin onto the base tube thus maximising the heat transfer properties. The foot of the fin considerably enhances the corrosion protection of the base tube.

Maximum operating temperature for this fin type is 150°C.

G Base Fin Tubes

The fin strip is wound into a machined groove and securely locked into place by back filling with base tube material. This ensures that maximum heat transfer is maintained at high tube metal temperatures.

Maximum operating temperature for this fin type is 450°C

G' Type And Plain Type Finned Tubes Samples


G' Type Embedded Finned Tubes


Integral Type Finned Tubes


Spiral Wound Crimped Type Finned Tubes


Various Finned Tubes Samples


Wire Wound Finned Tubes


Extruded Type Finned Tubes

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